Astrogaz Co., Ltd.

Astrogaz Co., Ltd., is the base for Perugia Corp. to enter into North America, and is laying the foundation for further development of its capabilities in the United States.



In order to create a happy world with pets, LatteSoft launches services and products for pets and pet owners. The service part includes a SNS PetPoint that can build a community with pets in your neighborhood, and the productsincludes 'DogleDogle',
a professional pet dental health brand. In the future, the services and business of the pet market will be connected, and the information and products that pet owners need to live with their pets will be created, and services that are easy to find.


WaawGlobal Studio

WaawGlobal is aiming at creating a creators world. Provide an environment where various creators can participate at various stages through content production in the field of story IP, art, music, performance, film, and cooperation between genres, longing to produce collaborative content.We will create a world of creators across borders and languages.



JulyConsult, inspired by the meaning of Lucky 7, go beyond customer satisfaction, and give customers a new concept of Lucky Global Real Estate Consulting and provide solutions. We not only deal with domestic real estate, but also global real estate, giving customers greater opportunities and possibilities to propose. Create the highest value with a variety of customized services
which go beyond real estate investment and transactions.



From+batti (Jeju dialect of dry fields) believes that the freshness that nature gives us is the highest value. We plan to use Jeju Island's agricultural products that use volcanic soil as nourishment and products that contain lava seawater from Hallasan Mountain. Frombatti creates a food culture where people from all over the world can enjoy Jeju as much as possible in their daily life and enjoy the food culture with happiness.



SUANU provides equal services for everyone in education field. In order to avoid disadvantaged groups in educational and cultural activities, we plan to combine educational and cultural services for all ages. Build a mature society that unifies generations SUANU together.


PetPoint Asia

PetPoint Asia is responsible for all traditional Chinese services in Taiwan and is laying the foundation for PetPoint's global services. PetPoint is a location-based pet SNS that can build a community with pets nearby.


LaMate International Taiwan

LaMate International Taiwan is an important working partner of Perugia Corp., and is currently developing various businesses related to games, content, IP, and MCN based on Asia in Taiwan.



PERUGIA JAPAN Co.,Ltd., a local corporation in Japan. It is the base of Perugia Corp. and is responsible for PetPoint services in Japan. PetPoint is a location-based pet SNS that can build a community with pets nearby.


Cosmos Interactive

Cosmos Interactive, a local corporation in Estonia, is the base of Perugia Corp. in Europe, and is responsible for the PetPoint service in Europe market. PetPoint is a location-based pet SNS that can build a community with pets nearby.



VUIFANG is a Vietnamese subsidiary of Perugia Corp. and positioned as a center of entry in Southeast Asia. Currently, we are conducting development businesses such as games, contents, and IP, and various businesses related to trade, distribution, and shopping. VUI means 'enjoy' in Vietnamese.