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  • Mining Maze launches its CBT service
  • AuroraHunt enters into a business agreement with Miracle Play, PMW simultaneously listed on Coinstore and ZORIX exchanges
  • Claw Machine launches its OBT service
  • Taiwan-based PetPoint Asia signs a business agreement with the World Veterinary Association Chairman for premium pet food, supplies, and more
  • Establishment of a dedicated department for WEB3 game/NFT consulting and marketing by Korea-based Perugia Corporation
  • Launch of game market platform AuroraHunt


  • Establish vietnam VUIFANG Co., Ltd. and make alliance.
  • BVI ZeroTo Quantum Co., Ltd.'s comprehensive strategic relationship and contract execution for global cooperation.
  • Establish US Astrogaz Co., Ltd. and make alliance.
  • Establish korean Frombatti and make alliance.
  • Establish korean SUANU and make cooperation.
  • Establish korean Julyconsult and make cooperation.
  • Establish korean WaawGlobal and make cooperation.
  • Establish Perugia Corp.


  • Establish Photon-Space consortium and hold onilne conference.
  • Establish CosmosInteractive Co., Ltd. in Estonia and make cooperation.


  • Establish PetPoint Asia Co., Ltd. and make cooperation.
  • Release the pet SNS platform named "PetPoint", and assists its development.


  • Signed a contract for distribution of social online casino games in Taiwan


  • Sign contracts and services for various mobile games other than 365 ways to become a devil
  • Signed contracts with Play Coin game item checkout MOU.


  • Establish PERUGIA JAPAN Co.,Ltd. in Japan and make cooperation.
  • Alliance with Taiwan Softworld (Zhiguan Technology Co., Ltd.) and official alliance with MyCard
  • Signed a server and system ISP contract with Taiwan MyServer (Intelligent Cloud Technology Co., Ltd.).


  • Publishing games and signing agency contracts in many places in Southeast Asia except South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China


  • Establish LaMate International Taiwan Co.,Ltd. in Taiwan and make cooperation.




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