All Perugia Corp. services are provided on dedicated platforms. In order to provide complete services, we build and operate directly. Blockchain, games, live streaming, NFT, education, culture and etc., support world's expansion with a variety of global platforms. Please actively join the services that Perugia Corp. provide.


Perugia Corp. constructs a free, fair, rich and interesting global digital content system.
Starting with the mainnet that is under development using its own technology, Klaytn and Cosmos-based tokens are also developed by themselves, which will build a more expanded and stable ecosystem.
Stay tuned! Perugia Corp.'s new currency will have an impact across the business world in the future.


A systematic and robust content production support system
is established to support the production of NFTs.
On the global NFT exchange developed with Perugia Corp.'s proven technology, will be secured and traded
Please start future digital asset trading with Perugia Corp.


There is no standard and limits for Happiness.
Perugia Corp. is based on the actual knowledge proven by accumulating more than 100 game titles as a simple and funny game that can be enjoyed by men, women and children in the Metaverse.
In order to support domestic and foreign entry of domestic game companies, we provide a global platform for operation. The happiness that can be experienced anytime, anywhere as you start your journey on Perugia Corp.


Have you moved the light with your gestures?
How about a venue surrounded by gorgeous holograms?
Participate media exhibition, IP business expansion, space design planning and implementation, etc.
Perugia Corp. guides the digitization of media and the artisticization of technology with creative ideas.


Perugia Corp. proposes the best solution method,
constructs an independent and special system to provide continuous maintenance and quality management
Focusing on IT services, in order to achieve the goal,
more aggressive and challenging mentality to provide
leading technology and advanced services.