Corporate Culture of Perugia Corp.

Self-discipline and responsibility, communication and care, diversity and harmony, life and interests, past and future and “customers”​


Autonomy & Responsibility

No stereotype
Enjoy freedom and being responsible.
Our trust is the base.

Communication & Consideration

Based on mutual respect and understanding, develop horizontal relationships and two-way communication.
All members will be the subject, cooperating and negotiating

Diversity & harmonious

Everyone's life in harmony,
will be the most beautiful artwork
on Perugia Corp.

Life & Interest

With the goal of improving
the quality of life of everyone,
we will wholeheartedly support it.
Hope we can all enjoy life and work.

Past & Future

We remember the history,
and look into the future.


Please enjoy services and achievent from Perugia Corp.
We can build deeper emotional bonds in mutually beneficial relationships.