We are confident that our blockchain technology is number 1.
This is demonstrated by various proprietary technologies developed on the basis of wide practical knowledge of distributed computing technology and application of this technology.
Perugia Corp.'s Photon Space Chain (PSEHV) is a blockchain that utilizes the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm.
In order to make it more easier for developers to access, it is experimental and developed with the motto of blockchain. Challenging project.
We further develop this point and are developing general-purpose technologies applicable to various industries such as IT, finance, manufacturing, and logistics solutions.


We believe that the metaverse is a game, so we want to claim that the metaverse has developed through the game industry sprouting, games or social networks based on user profiles, online/mobile games have developed in all businesses. Players in our own development will start their own services after participating in the metaverse platform.
Moreover, through active distribution, metaverse is expanded, and so is the overall ecosystem.


Data is a precious asset, so the importance of data cannot be overemphasized.
Our technology of collecting, classifying, measuring, and editing a large amount of data in real-time accumulation refers
to all the technologies currently existing in the IT industry, in order to meet the needs.


We believe that artificial intelligence and technologies, can make the world a better place.
For the development of artificial intelligence, we believe that it is very important to have correct information and study of this information,
and create a soil for the smooth development of artificial intelligence.
We strongly recommend, please experience our unique technology for artificial intelligence technology.